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Silver Bullet Solutions approach is to understand the “essence” of the problem and then devise appropriate solutions.

Focus Areas
     · Sensor, data, and information fusion
     · Enterprise, information technology, and C4ISR architecture
     · Database software development


Download Silver Bullet Solutions' Capabilities Statement.


Silver Bullet has partnered with the Transformational Technologies Group, LLC, a multi-dimensional consortium centered around the practical application of architectural methods, tools, and data.

Capabilities-Based Management

The Essence of Enterprise Solutions Enabling Transformation through Innovative Thinking Practical Solutions to Enterprise Architecture
• Capabilities
- “Open systems” -- “self-regulating” units of
- Also “wholes unto themselves” and “parts of
    other wholes.”
• Open Systems Engineering: 
- “Deciders” transform messages into actions
- “Transducers” translate messages between
    the decider and its internal resource
    structure and its external environment.
• Scale-Free Networks:
- Changes cascade through clusters creating
    emergent behavior. 
- Engineering enables management to avoid
    unintended consequences and maximize
    desired effects.
• Management Algebra
- Defines a capability’s regulatory
• Value-Based Cost
- Focused on the development of Yield Curves. 
- The direction of change in the effectiveness
   of the capability relative to its cost. 
- Derived from the management algebra using 
   “cost utility analysis.
• Enterprise Architecture:
      - Ontologies
      - Taxonomies
      - Data Models
      - Databases
• Interfaces to Authoritative Data Sources
• Data Model Mapping Techniques
• Taxonomy and Mapping Tools
• Data Strategy

• Portfolio Management
The ART of establishing clear and quantified Portfolio objectives and managing investments in accordance with those goals.
• Capability Analysis
Implementing a logical, incremental process toward the goal of understanding capability needs
• Governance Planning and Implementation
A uniquely targeted approach to understanding governance requirements, evaluating institutionalized processes and mechanisms
• Transformation Planning & Management
Making Enterprise Architecture relevant to transformation activities. 

• DoD Architecture Framework
• Zachman Enterprise Architecture 
   Framework Consulting 
• Federal Enterprise Architecture 
   Framework Consulting 
• Data Modeling/Architecture 
• Enterprise Architecture Tool 
   Evaluations and Recommendations
   - DoDAF, Zachman, Analysis & Repository 
• Software Engineering/Modeling 
• Business Process Improvement / 
• Enterprise Architecture Tool Bridges, 
   Interfaces and Add-ons 
• Repository Management and Interfaces 
• Graphic Design Solutions
Presentations, Custom Graphics & Image 
     Manipulation, Identity Design, Package 
     Design, Booth Design, etc.