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Enterprise Architecture (EA) data is used for: 

   • 1) Capabilities gaps and requirements determination,
   • 2) acquisition process technical oversight,
   • 3) an objectively defensible Program, Planning, and Budgeting process,
   • 4) capabilities-based portfolio management,
   • 5) doctrine and standing plans development, and
   • 6) the top-level of systems engineering. 

Because EA addresses all the systems relevant to the enterprise, whether within or external to an organization, it addresses much of the same data as System of Systems Engineering (SoSE) and because it starts with mission capabilities and then derives solutions to meet the mission, it uses much of the same data as Mission Engineering. 

And because the “system” in Systems Engineering (SE) means the whole configuration that accomplishes a set of functions, not just the materiel but also the operators, policies, and environment, much of the same data is relevant to SE.

   • Bottom-up Approach
• EA / SoSE / MBSE Data
• Data Analysis