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Description of QA Program

1.1.1. Ability to monitor and maximize quality

SBSI has a well-developed, time-tested set of policies and procedures, captured in the SBSI Policy & Procedures Manual (PPM). This manual details in depth the SBSI Quality Control Program for deliverables to clients. SBSI will apply PPM to its associates, under this contract, in the following ways:

·        Quality Control training. Every associate who will be involved in the production of deliverables for a client, under a task order, will be required to participate in a formal session on the SBSI Quality Method. All deliverables will be reviewed against the Quality Control Method.

·        In-Process Reviews with clients. SBSI will establish a ‘service band’—designated periods during which deliverables are expected to clients—and will arrange for In-Process Reviews immediately following product delivery, to ensure levels of quality on deliverables are maintained, and client requirements recognized that might cause modification or customization of established quality controls.

·        Associates will be evaluated by the levels of quality achieved, in conformance with the SBSI Quality Method; the necessity for revisions to deliverables, and any known customer dissatisfaction.  Mutually agreed upon corrective actions will be initiated that are designed to bring customer satisfaction up to desired levels.

1.1.2. Approach to guarantee responsiveness to and cooperation with customers

SBSI will conduct periodic reviews with senior Federal project staff to assess the level of cooperation, responsiveness, and adherence to stated project requirements. Some sessions with be with subs, and others conducted only prime to client during the life of a project.

1.1.3. Approach to problem resolution

Project resolution is best accomplished at the lowest level possible, and in the soonest period of time. SBSI will establish a problem resolution process, which will require all associates, as a problem in encountered, to document the problem, the steps to be taken to resolve the problem, and the results of the process.